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Empowering Ideas, Expert Development, Transformational Journeys, and Secure Compliance all with our range of services from streamlined app creation to expert development, we've got you covered.

Managed Implementation Services

App Builder Services

We got you covered Layer by Layer You can use our App Builders Services to build from scratch, your preferred layer, whether it is Mobile App, Only Frontend, Only the API layer as Microservices or Just use our Devops pipelines with Containers.

Re-Engineering Services

According to a recent report from AppDynamics, 66% of IT professionals say "the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in their digital strategy, driving an urgent need to push through initiatives which were once a part of multiyear digital transformation programs.
“ We help Organizations get from Left to Right, literally as simple as that, with our migration expertise, Our API Centric Approach, Responsive Web Design, Mobility, Complete Cloud Adoption or Hybrid Approach with OnPrem + Cloud.
  • Pre-Requisites/Assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Sizing and Estimation
  • Database Assessment and Migration
  • Requirements Gathering and Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance (Manual/Automated)
  • DevOps
  • Release and Support

Risk & Compliance Services

Theecode specializes in the development and delivery of best-in-class GRC solutions with decades of business consulting and GRC expertise across all major industries.
As an international organisation we have completed engagements in USA, LATAM & MENA.
Our GRC specializations:
  • Fintech & Regulatory Compliance
  • Third-party Risk management
  • Data privacy
  • Operational Risk
  • Business Continuity
  • Technology & Cyber security
  • Internal Audit, SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001 & other Compliance attestations,
  • Policy Management
  • Contract Management
  • Advanced data analytics and reporting

Crafting Enterprise Solutions


During a discovery phase workshop, the client and Theecode work together to assess the company's capabilities, maturity, and expertise, and to understand the client's goals, roadmap, and expectations.
The workshop typically lasts for 5-10 days and is used to validate the business idea and determine the next steps.
Timeline: 2 weeks
UI/UX design
Experience Maps
Rapid Prototypes
API Documentation

Working Concept

The Working Concept Phase is a stage in product development where we help the customer to visualize their idea by creating a Rapid prototype with our Customizable Lending Framework. This allows the customer to quickly see and interact with a working version of their vision and to identify any features or use cases that may need further development or refinement.
The goal of this phase is to create a functional prototype of the customer's idea, which can be used to validate the concept and gather feedback from stakeholders before moving on to the final development stage.
Timeline: 3 weeks

Product Implementation

During the Product Implementation phase, Theecode builds for Customers with our Plug and Play Framework the integrations required for the final implementation. Integrations includes Credit bureau of your choice like " Transunion, Equifax and Experion, Identity Providers like Instnt,Ideology,Argyle,Middesk,Metamap etc., Open Banking Providers like Plaid,Flinks,Unit etc., Accounting softwares like Codat, Quickbooks, Payment Providers like Repay,loanpaymentpro,Cliq and A2A Payments like Modern Treasury; CRMs like Hubspot , Salesforce. "
Finally, in the delivery phase, we hand over the completed application to the customer within the Cloud of their choice with both OnPrem or Cloud Database, providing ongoing support and maintenance as needed.
Timeline: 2 weeks