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Theecode is a Customer-Centric Development team. We are not only building Your Dream App layer by layer. We also provide you end to end experience towards reaching your business goals. At Thee(you)code, You code your Destiny to success

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During Ideation/Discovery phase we setup a live/remote workshop with you to brainstorm & shape your idea with our expert team. We build mockups/wirframes/ prototypes to make your idea flow and collect your feedback too.

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Working Concept Design

We list out your business usecases and construct from a clickable prototype to a Working Proof of concept for you to showcase the world your Million $ Idea.

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Product Development & Delivery

Theecode is your one shop stop to Ideate,Innovate, Design, Architect, Develop, QA, Deliver, Deploy and Support your Product roadmap.



Ticketech is a pioneer in Valet and Gated Parking POS Systems with over 5 decades of parking management experience.
Key Features:
  • Sled integrated iOS App for Checkin/Checkout and Valet parking
  • Request My Vehicle option using Twilio
  • Responsive Web Dashboard for Asset management,Admin and Reports
  • Payment gateway integration with Global,Chase and BBPos
  • Bluetooth and Wifi Printing capabilities


Next generation Content curation,scheduling,branding and publishing for Creators and Brands.
Key Features:
  • Co-branding empowers Creators to share third party content with their branding themes
  • Content scraping engine for Partner and Non Partner content feeds
  • Social media scheduled posts with Branding to multiple social media accounts
  • Microservices based architecture
  • Highly configurable landing and curation pages with brand themes


FunneLiT Business Builder — a system designed specifically to help create the business of every entrepreneur's dream.
Key Features:
  • Integration with major email clients to provide custom email themes for businesses
  • Integration with all major social platforms for scheduled postings
  • Template based custom web builder for the businesses


Leading Survey company in the United States conducting engaging surveys and helping brands to build great consumer products
Key Features:
  • Developed a Mobile App to create a survey and user analytics on Smartphone Battery usage
  • Dashboard to generate reports based on user's mobile activity
  • Synchronize live statistics from Smartphone to cloud


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